Argan aftershave

better than aftershave


appreciate Argan oil after showering, the sauna or shaving. Argan soothes, nourishes and tightens the skin.
It leaves the skin with a soft, healthy and velvety feel. Way better than all those aftershaves that make the skin burn or leave it greasy!
Use it after the sauna or exposure to the elements.
There is nothing like feeling wind, rain and even snow on your skin. Biking, surfing, skiing, all let us feel life in every cell of our body. Don’t forget to give the skin back what the wind and sun took out of it!

(Please note that natural Argan oil does not contain a UV-shield, and therefore does not offer sun protection.)

Argan 30 ml in blue pump bottle

Argan for him

Argan as an Aftershave

Like most men I used to hate putting oils on my skin and even dislike sunscreen. Argan oil doesn’t feel like oil though, it is absorbed quickly and simply feels pleasant as an aftershave. Even the Argan body butter, which feels heavier, makes a great aftershave. I prefer to use Argan oil in summer and the cream in winter.