Argan glättet Fältchen auf natürliche Weise

Argan for smooth silky skin

Argan for natural skin care

Use it as a general conditioner and rejuvenator, or to clean acne. It is perfect for a body massage, when your skin feels dry or needs some extra care, like after shaving, for itchy skin, abrasions and minor burns. It has also proven effective with neuro-dermatitis and psoriasis.

Argan for skin under stress

Use oil or cream on dry skin, or on skin that suffers as much as you do from the stresses of modern life, polluted, air-conditioned or heated atmospheres. The rich supply of antioxidants in Argan oil is proven to reduce free radicals and thus protect the skin from the effects of aging.
Apply at night as an intensive moisturizing treatment and to clean off makeup and/or in the morning as a base for your makeup. The oil penetrates easily, does not leave an oily residue and can even be used around the eye area.

Argan: Natürliche Hautpflege

Argan: Natürliche Hautpflege

Massage Oil

Apply a small amount of oil directly to the skin and massage gently until absorbed. Use after showers, sauna or sunbathing. Massaging dry skin or applying it after depilation soothes and fortifies the skin. My tip: Give your husband a bottle of Argan oil! Its fine nutty aroma will seduce him to give you a gentle massage with it.

Oil or Bodybutter?

Our body butter contains at least 90% pure argan oil. Organic beeswax which is in itself great for skin care, is added to solidify the oil. In this form the oil stays longer on the outer epidermis. In winter and on overtaxed skin such as hands, elbows, knees, callused feet, etc. many prefer the body butter. For the face, pure Argan oil is often preferred as it is absorbed more quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film.