We are Committed…

to our Customers

Our commitment to our customers is to provide Argan oil which is absolutely pure and naturally organic. We buy directly from the producers and keep the sales-chain short, so that your money goes into the oil and not into complicated methods of distribution.

One of our producers

to our Producers

Our commitment to our producers is to encourage a healthy work environment and fair pay at every step of production. We not only have our individual workers in mind but also their families. Our goal is to enable young people to stay in their rural homes, not having to move into cities and to find honest work right where they are, in the heart of Argan land.

Argan trees in Morocco

to Nature

Our commitment to nature is to encourage careful use of this scarce ressource. By climbing the trees to eat fruit and leaves, goats can do serious damage. We don’t buy fruit “harvested” by goats and encourage planting of new trees.

Argan tree and surroundings