Geschenkflasche 20 ml in clear glass bottle
3.50 €

Gift bottle

With gift card; ideal to say “Hello”, or “Thank you” …Instead of just a card.

Pumpflasche 50 ml in clear glass with pump
11.50 €


For easy dosage and application. To nourish or cleanse the skin, to remove make-up … A precious gift.

Pumpflasche Blauglas 30 ml in blue pump bottle
8.50 €

Small and elegant

For “Him”: A pleasant aftershave or body lotion after shower.

Motorcyclists: For windburn.

For “Her”: Handy in the purse

Refill in brown glass bottlerefills in brown PET For refills and professional use

100ml – 14.00€
brown glass bottle for light protection (overseas: brown pharmacy-grade PET bottle)

200 ml – 23 €
500 ml – 52 €

brown PET bottles for light protection

Lightproof bottles for refills

To refill pump bottles or for professional use, hair/scalp conditioning, full body massages.

Bodybutter Argan Bodybutter 50 ml
11.50 €

Argan Bodybutter

Stays on skin longer than the oil, ideal for rough, cracked and sore skin.





Lippenbalsam Argan Lipbalm 6.5 g
3.50 €

Argan Lipbalm

Not only for your lips but also ideal for minor sores, grazes, cracked nails etc.

Shaving drops dermofluide Shaving drops 30 ml.
19.50 €

Shaving drops

At last it’s fun to shave. Instead of foam, try massaging few drops of this mixture of essential oils onto your wet skin. What a difference! 30 ml are enough for up to five months of daily use. The essence refreshes and cares for your skin. Your blade is easy to clean and stays sharp longer.
We would be happy to send you a sample to try.

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