Shaving drops

shaving drops menthol

  • Invented and produced in France, European patent Nr. 0823253.
  • Not made from Argan but is an ideal complement to Argan-care. Imagine: shaving is suddenly something to look forward to .
  • The plant extracts make shaving faster and more thorough than shaving electrically, easier and more pleasant than with foam.
  • You feel clean and refreshed and a few drops of Argan round off your care
  • Contains essential oils of: lavender, rosewood, coriander, eucalyptus, mandarin, vetiver and menthol
  • .

Three natural choices

Menthol Sensitive Sport
classic with refreshing menthol with soothing Aloe Vera refreshing and practical for travellers
glassbottle with drip top glassbottle with drip top plasticbottle with pump dispenser
shaving_menthol shaving_aloe shaving_sport

Introductory offer

Shaving drops and Argan
A 30 ml bottle of this very economical fluid – sufficient for up to 5 months of daily shaving.
And …
A 30 ml pump bottle of pure Argan oil.
Introductory price of 25 €, an ideal gift for him.

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