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New: Argan Hair Soap

What is a Argan Hair soap?

Soap molecules are formed by reacting a fat (triglyceride) with a strong base like sodium hydroxide, in a process called saponification.
An excess of oil is added to the mixture prior to the mixing of fats and base. The excess oil (in our case pure Argan oil) acts as a “superfatting” agent in the Argan Hair soap, which contributes to mildness and an overall luxurious feel to the soap. These oils act as moisturizing and conditioning agents, much as they would in a regular shampoo or conditioner.

Advantages of using our Argan Hair soap


No plastic bottles! At last a shampoo that does not add to plastic rubbish and so helps protect our environment.
Our Argan Hair soap is made from all natural ingredients including fair trade organic Argan oil. It also contains coconut oil, olive oil and grape seed oil, all biodegradable.

Potential drawbacks of hair soaps

When used with soft water, soap will lather well and leave the hair feeling soft and clean. Unfortunately, in hard water, soap reacts with the ions in the water leaving an insoluble film on the hair or any other surface it comes in contact with e.g. the wash basin. This can leave the hair feeling dull and lifeless.
For soap to do what it’s supposed to do, namely clean, it needs to be basic, but hair and skin are naturally slightly acidic. This can affect the hair cuticles and cause lack of shine and gloss.
Rinsing with a mildly acidic solution (about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water) after shampooing, will help to remove the film, restore the hair cuticles and leave the hair soft and shiny.

Advice on using Argan Hair soap:

  • Rub the bar in your hands and then lather the hair.
  • Wash the soap out.
  • Follow up with a mildly acidic rinse to restore the normal pH of your hair and to give it back it’s natural shine (about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water).
  • Wash the rinse out.
  • If you still feel you need conditioner, go ahead!

Give it a few tries. It can take some time for your scalp and hair to adjust to the Argan Hair soap.

a clean, refreshing shave

A clean, refreshing shave!

shaving drops menthol
Mostly for men, but not only, we found a unique French blend of essential plant oils that replace shaving foam – and offer a much cleaner, faster and more pleasant shave than an electric razor.

Now in four refreshing nuances

  • With refreshing menthol – in glassbottle with drop dispenser
  • With Aloe for sensitive skin – in glassbottle with drop dispenser
  • Sport – in light plastic bottle with handy pump.
  • Lady shave – with Argan oil in drop bottle

Great in combination with Argan oil.
Check it out under New Shaving Drops

A small but precious gift of Argan

A Gift of Argan

“Try Me” Gift Set

The best lipbalm available, a 20 ml gift bottle and a small surprise for only six Euros.
In winter especially Argan lip balm offers you the best caare available. No artificial preservatives, colourings, flavors and the like, just the pure, natural benefits of Argan oil and biological bees wax. “Biological” in bees wax means bees only collect pollen in areas with guaranted no chemicals. The purest form of natural lipcare in a long lasting stick – and in addition a small gift bottle of the pure oil.

current Prices

Argan oil from Morocco is becoming increasingly known throughout the world for it’s benefits to the skin and hair. Many cosmetic firms now add some to their products as a selling point, not mentioning how much, or how little, is included. The growing interest and thus demand has of course, had an effect on the price of the pure oil in Morocco. We sell only pure Argan oil so the rise in prices effects our final price. We continue to apply the principles of fair trade and keep the prices as low as possible while giving a fair margin to the producers.

naturally organic

The argan tree grows in only one region in Morocco, between the desert and the Altlas mountains, mostly around the city of Agadir. This region was officially recognised by UNESCO in 1998 as a “Biological Reserve”.
This means that all argan oil is “organic” and an “organic” sticker on the oil adds nothing to it. We do have the ECOCERT certificate MA-BIO-154, but what counts more for us is to make sure that our oil is pure, carefully produced and fairly paid for at each stage of the production.
The bees’ wax that we use comes from hives that are certified “organic” in Germany. This means that the bees visit fields and flowers that have not been chemically treated.
For your complete satisfaction we offer you more than an “organic” sticker: true organic quality and 100% natural – it’s difficult to improve what nature offers us.

Available again: Argan Savers’ Set

Pure Arganoil, the classic!

Care for your skin with valuable Moroccan Argan oil. It prevents premature ageing and drying out of the skin.
We recommend our savers’ set consisting of 50 ml in a pump flask plus a 100 ml refill (in brown pharmacy-grade PET) for only € 24. Postage free inside Germany, internationally you pay only € 1.55 postage, you save € 2.10 over buying items individually.
Argan savers' set
For retailers customary conditions apply


“I had been trying different things for neurodermatitis on my scalp. the last thing I used before discovering Argan Oil was olive oil but that was so hard to wash out after rubbing in. Now with Argan oil it only takes one wash with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.”