Welcome to Pure Beauty with Argan

In winter, you and your skin need extra vitamins.
Give it what it craves: pure, undiluted argan oil.

Yours, Hans G. Beck, Christa Roth and team.


"For me, there is no alternative to the products from arganshop.com. For example, I can't use many other products because I'm allergic to citric acid. Argan is completely chemical-free and is simply good for me."

— Doris Keller

You may be wondering why we offer such high-quality oil so cheaply. I live in Morocco myself  and have built up relationships of trust with the oil producers in Tiznit and the surrounding area. So we buy directly from the press, without middlemen. We don't run our own shops and we only supply a very small part of the cosmetics market which works with much higher profit margins than the fair trade networks through which we mainly sell. You may have found our products at a retailer's who sells them at a higher price than we do. This is not necessarily "unfair", as shops will have to pay expensive shop charges, staff costs etc., which we do not have.
Every consignment of oil is tested by a biochemical laboratory in Morocco before it receives customs clearance. With argan oil, which is also very expensive in Morocco, there is a temptation to dilute it with neutral cooking oil, such as sunflower oil. Such admixtures can only be detected by complex and costly spectral analyses. The long-standing relationships of trust with local producers probably offer better protection. The argan region in Morocco is protected as a biosphere by UNESCO, which means that Moroccan argan oil is inherently organic if it is not mixed. We therefore dispense with the superfluous organic certificate.

Argan oil is a matter of trust

As it is naturally rare and expensive, the temptation to dilute Argan oil with cheaper vegetable oils is enormous. Such dilutions can only be detected in the laboratory with great effort. I, Hans Beck, have lived in the Arab world for more than 25 years and have learned a few negotiation skills on Arab markets - and you benefit from this. The most important thing, however, is a deep relationship of trust with our producers. A trust that does not prevent us from having our oil repeatedly tested by a German laboratory.